A Redis library for Arduino.
Redis Member List

This is the complete list of members for Redis, including all inherited members.

append(const char *key, const char *value)Redis
authenticate(const char *password)Redis
del(const char *key)Redis
exists(const char *key)Redis
expire(const char *key, int seconds)Redisinline
expire_at(const char *key, int timestamp)Redisinline
get(const char *key)Redis
hdel(const char *key, const char *field)Redis
hexists(const char *key, const char *field)Redis
hget(const char *key, const char *field)Redis
hlen(const char *key)Redis
hset(const char *key, const char *field, const char *value)Redisinline
hsetnx(const char *key, const char *field, const char *value)Redisinline
hstrlen(const char *key, const char *field)Redis
info(const char *section)Redis
lindex(const char *key, int index)Redis
llen(const char *key)Redis
LoopCallback typedefRedis
lpop(const char *key)Redis
lpos(const char *key, const char *element)Redis
lpush(const char *key, const char *value, bool exclusive=false)Redis
lrange(const char *key, int start, int stop)Redis
lrem(const char *key, int count, const char *element)Redis
lset(const char *key, int index, const char *element)Redis
ltrim(const char *key, int start, int stop)Redis
operator=(const Redis &)=deleteRedis
operator=(const Redis &&)=deleteRedis
persist(const char *key)Redis
pexpire(const char *key, int ms)Redisinline
pexpire_at(const char *key, int timestamp)Redisinline
psubscribe(const char *pattern)Redisinline
pttl(const char *key)Redisinline
publish(const char *channel, const char *message)Redis
Redis(Client &client)Redisinline
Redis(const Redis &)=deleteRedis
Redis(const Redis &&)=deleteRedis
RedisMsgCallback typedefRedis
RedisMsgErrorCallback typedefRedis
rpop(const char *key)Redis
rpush(const char *key, const char *value, bool exclusive=false)Redis
set(const char *key, const char *value)Redis
setTestContext(const void *context)Redisinline
startSubscribing(RedisMsgCallback messageCallback, RedisMsgErrorCallback errorCallback=nullptr)Redis
startSubscribingNonBlocking(RedisMsgCallback messageCallback, LoopCallback loopCallback, RedisMsgErrorCallback errorCallback=nullptr)Redis
subscribe(const char *channel)Redisinline
tsadd(const char *key, long timestamp, const int value)Redis
ttl(const char *key)Redisinline
unsubscribe(const char *channelOrPattern)Redis